The Zapcat is a state of the art inflatable boat.

But how was conceived?

It all started when a bunch of crazy South Africans decided to race inflatable boats down a gruelling river. The Tugela River


The race would take 3 days.

It would cover almost 300km of raging river, rapids and rocks.

They would do this in dated, unstable craft, designed for tottering on meandering streams and ponds.

They were crazy. But they were not stupid. They took Engines. They got sponsored by a brewery.

They had a brilliant time.

They went all the way, and so began the quest

Would you take your Zodiac down a rapid like this?

Or this?

Or this?

They were clearly not designed for this!


The Design Started!

This was Better! (catamaran added)


And much Faster! (less weight)


 But this is heaps better!


More pictures: